ickle ink is a fun new range of children’s party products for the ickle people in your life. Kids love to create, explore and get messy! ickle ink allows them to do this in a safe and creative way.

With personalised temporary tattoos, party bags, colour in t-shirts and kawaii inspired gifts, our aim is to create ready made treats that can be dropped into the middle of the room for kids to engage with. Our tattoos are what ickle ink is ALL ABOUT!  Incredible themed t-shirts, tattoos and bags, all MATCHING, all PERSONALISED and all COLOUR-IN. We personalise the bag, t-shirt and tattoos with each individual child’s name. The tote canvas Party Bag is stuffed with matching toys and goodies. Make every ickle one feel special, BIG RESULTS, ickle effort.

Ickle ink is a brand new venture from the creators of ‘Inkwear Tattoos. Specialists in safe, fun, creative temporary tattoos and associated products.

All our products are CE approved and safe for kids ages 3+. We have 6 years experience of delivering products to individual customers and blue chip clients alike.




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